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We provide testing and design capabilities that assure the best solutions to our customers’ application needs.
We understand the critical nature of the services our customers provide and respond quickly to requests for
emergency shipments. Every PUPI product is backed by a dedicated support team that is ready and willing to
do what it takes to get the job done. PUPI mechanical properties are available for electrical utility engineers
and designers. A PUPI properties library file is available for use with PLS-POLE design software.
PUPI fiberglass crossarms are designed for field-ready flexibility and easy, efficient installation. A crossarm 60 feet
in the air, weighing half the weight of a treated wood beam can make a big difference. PUPI tangents, deadends and
transmission arms are ergonomically engineered for the unique demands your field teams face day in and day out.
Available in standard drill patterns, or made to order and drilled to your specifications, PUPI crossarms are available
with exclusive crush-resistant TorqueGUARD™ bushings that can withstand over 450 ft-lbs of bolt-tightening torque.
Light weight for less fatigue and splinter-free for safer handling. Compared to heavier wood or other composite
beams, PUPI fiberglass crossarms can take less half the time to install because they’re designed to use fewer parts
and pieces without any special tools – and linemen aren’t exposed to creosote, chromated copper arsenate (CCA)
and other chemicals used in treated wood. The closed-cell sealant that fills every PUPI crossarm allows field drilling
when necessary. From safer insulating properties to impact-resistant end caps, your field teams can rely on PUPI
crossarms for superior strength and consistent performance in any climate.
With three levels of UV and weathering protection you can expect less maintenance and fewer replacements. PUPI
crossarms are built to last 60 or more years in any climate – with the longest field experience track record to prove it.
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