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PUPI crossarms are engineered products, manufactured with a
fiberglass pultrusion process that creates products of the highest
quality and consistency. Unlike wood, PUPI crossarms are totally free
from knots and imperfections that can cause failure over time. PUPI
crossarms can withstand transient loads that cause wood crossarms to
fail. Because they are specifically designed for utility use, they have
the strength to handle any situation, yet are also lightweight and easy
to install.
PUPI developed the first commercially successful composite crossarm
and has led the way since our first crossarm was shipped in 1990. We
have invested in materials lab and testing facilities that set us apart from
our competition. Today, PUPI is the market share leader in fiberglass
crossarms, giving us the largest installed base and the longest service
record of any composite crossarm manufacturer. Our products are used
at hundreds of utilities across North America and the World. Our track
record and dedication to our customers are what keeps PUPI customers
coming back year after year.
PUPI fiberglass crossarms are designed to be the most durable
alternative to wood, steel - even other composite crossarms! Our
heavy-duty construction and exclusive TorqueGUARD™ bushings
protect against damage during hardware installation and provide
maximum resistance to bolt and pin torque. In many applications, a
single PUPI crossarms has the strength to replace two or more wood
crossarms. PUPI users have the peace of mind that they are installing
the most durable crossarms available.
UV protection is thermally-bonded to the surface of every
PUPI product, providing the most durable protection available against
UV damage. Rigorous testing shows that SunGUARD
UV coating
will maintain its effectiveness for at least 60 years, in any climate.
Additionally, every PUPI crossarm is completely filled with closed-cell
sealant to lock out moisture and contaminants. There has never been
a failure of a SunGUARD-treated PUPI crossarm due to environmental
Understanding customer needs on a deep level has been a key to the
success of PUPI crossarms. We have extensive testing and design
capabilities that assure the best solutions to our customers’ application
needs. We understand the critical nature of the services our customers
provide and respond quickly to requests for emergency shipments.
Every PUPI product is backed by a dedicated support team that is
ready and willing to do what it takes to get the job done.
800.533.1680 | www.pupicrossarms.com