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Utility Solutions is a designer and manufacturer of hot line tools
and associated products to solve operating problems encountered
by utility field personnel. Utility Solutions was founded in 1990 by
engineering personnel with broad experience within the electrical
distribution industry. Since 1990 the staff of Utility Solutions have ac-
cumulated an impressive list of patented hot line oriented products.
If you are looking to solve a problem or need a tool to perform a
specific function call Utility Solutions. If you have an idea for a new
product, Utility Solutions is small enough to listen and large enough
to turn an idea into a product reality.
Utility Solutions has a comprehensive staff of technical personnel
with“hands-on”expertise in materials engineering,mechanical engi-
neering,electrical engineering,machine design and production scale
up. New product ideas are computer detailed then transformed into
reality within our production facility which includes CNC machining,
molding, fiberglass and assembly capability. Where big companies
require months or years, Utility Solutions can complete new product
prototyping in weeks.
If you have any questions regarding any product found within this
catalog please call your Utility Solutions sales representative or the
factory for assistance.
Think of Utility Solutions whenever you need assistance related to
hot line tools and associated products.
Phone: 828-323-8914
Fax: 828-323-8410
Innovative Products
for the 21
Century Lineman