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Conduc tor Suppor t Equuipment – 2200
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Page 2213
September 2012
Features & Applications
• New D-shaped buckle on the strap-free end adds speed
and convenience
• Hanging a temporary conductor support involves just
hooking buckle in clasp on bracket and cinching the
strap with ratchet handle
• With strap-type ratchet-action mount rather than a
chain binder, these supports are same as on page 2211
• Strap and ratchet assembly may be ordered alone for
retrofit, below
• Polyester strap offers advantage of less stretch than
nylon for this application
• With 10,000-lb. rated tensile strength, 2"-wide strap
comes in 44" length to fit most structures
• Wide handle opening on rapid-action ratchet permits
easy operation
• Works well even with rubber gloves and leather
• Epoxiglas® temporary conductor support is used to
hold energized distribution conductors
• For use during replacement of poles or repair/
replacement of pole top and stand-off insulators
• Fork-type wireholder accepts up to 1”-diameter
• Working load: 150 lb. per wireholder on T4001939 only
• For systems higher than 15 kV or energized conductor
applications, M48057 insulators should be added
to wireholders for added protection when rain is
expected (See page 2209)
D-Buckle Strap Binder only
lb./2 kg.
Strap Binder Kit
complete with D-buckle and Ratchet Mechanism
30" -One Conductor Support
48" - Two Conductor Supports
14 lb./6.3 kg.
18 lb./8.1 kg.
Catalog No.
*200 lb. total load capacity for T4001940.
Strap-Type Temporary Conductor Supports
pole: 2
" diameter
D-Buckle Strap On Ratchet Pole Binder
• Single- & Double-Wireholder Models
Temporary Conductor Supports
Strap Binder Kit T4002007
Catalog No.
Tested per OSHA & ASTM F711