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Transmi ss ion Tool s – 2250
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September 2012
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Operate disconnect switch
with a portable
loadbreak tool.
22 lb. / 9.9 kg.
Tension Puller Switching Tool
Catalog No.
• Hook Adapter is a field-replacement for adding catch
and hotstick eye
• Adapter is interchangeable with hooks of both Tension
Pullers above
• Tie Back Clamp installs with a Grip-All clampstick
• Used with a Tension Puller to keep the tail of a
conductor out of the work area by tying it back to the
main line after it has been cut
• Clamp also may be used to hold a jumper on the main
line while applying a compression connector
Tie Back Clamp C4000600
Conductor Range:
#4 to 397.4 kcmil ACSR
Tension Puller Hook Adapter C4000573
Working range
Maximum take-up
34.5 kV
4,000 lb.
58-70 in.
12 in.
43 in.
31 in.
60 in.
69 kV
4,000 lb.
66-76 in.
12 in.
51 in.
39 in.
66 in.
• Fixed hooks on ends do not swivel
• Latch on hooks has a spring-loaded gate able to
rotate 135° left or right from the closed position
• Selector lever on ratchet wrench is extra large for
easier operation by hot line tools
• Hot line jumpers installed on conductor and bypass
studs create parallel circuit
• Conductor is securely restrained before cut
• Long tail is clamped back onto itself
• Portable loadbreak device may be used to open
• For additional recommendations, refer to ANSI C37.35
IEEE Guide for the Application, Installation, Operation
and Maintenance of High Voltage Air Disconnecting
and Load Intrerrupter Switches
• NOTE: Specifications are same as for 34.5 kV unit
Features & Applications
• Tested per OHSA & ASTM F711
• Tension Puller Switching Tool combines line-tension
disconnect switch with Epoxiglas® insulated tool as
• Weathershed polymer skirts are bonded to 1-1/2"-dia.
• Compression clamps secure switch hot parts to pole
• Bypass stud (1/2"-dia.) at each end of switch accepts 3"-
wide jumper clamps
• Copper switch blade with silver-plated contacts opens to
90° or 180° with stop pin removed
• Galvanized hooks are provided for operation by
loadbreak device
• With handling rings, may be operated by either hot-line
tools or rubber-glove techniques
• Illustrated instructions give procedures for installation,
operation and maintenance
Tension Puller Switching Tool
35 kV Ø-Ø, 600 amps cont, 150 kV BIL
Hot Stick Tension Puller
34.5 kV Ø-Ø and 69 kV Ø-Ø
Features & Applications
• Equipped with rings for handling and operation with
the Chance Grip-All Clampstick or with rubber gloves
• Both models have a non-swiveling hook on each end
for positive hotstick operation
• Spring-loaded gate rotates 135° left or right from
closed position
• Large, ratchet wrench selector lever easily
accommodates hotsticks
34.5 kV, Safety Hook both ends
69 kV, Safety Hook both ends
Catalog No.
12 lb. / 5.4 kg.
lb./ 5.6 kg.