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Jumpers & Load Pi ckup Tool s – 2300
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September 2012
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15 kV Cable
10 ft.
12 ft.
10 ft.
12 ft.
Electrical Ratings:
Nominal 15kV 3-phase or 8.3kV single
phase circuits;
250 amps continuous current.
Jumper Clamp:
#6 Copper (0.162") minimum through 795
kcmil ACSR (1.108") maximum.
All Units
Features & Applications
• Rated for loads as high as 250 amperes
• Include load-pickup device, jumper clamp, 15 kV cable
• Rated to pickup and carry 250-amp loads at 15kV
• Each completely assembled set consists of Load-Pickup
Tool, Jumper Clamp, 15 kV Jumper Cable and cable
• Load-Pickup Tool and Jumper Clamp fit conductors
from #6 Copper (0.162") through 795 ACSR kcmil
• Four standard sets include options for 10’ or 12’
lengths of either #2 or 1/0 Jumper Cable
• Other pre-assembled sets are available
• These sets combine other Chance-Jumper Clamps,
other sizes and lengths of Jumper Cable and
appropriate connectors (Catalog pages 2302 and 2306)
• Individual components also may be ordered for
customer assembly of various combinations.
Operation & Maintenance
• Load-Pickup Tool cannot be used to break loads
because operator cannot open contacts while Tool is
installed on conductor
• To recock contacts, operator inserts fiberglass rod
through head of Tool to push plunger to fully-opened
• Rod is supplied attached to end of operating lanyard
• Pulling this insulated lanyard closes the spring-loaded
• Positive contact operation
• Bearing-type floating washers in jaws of Tool and
Jumper Clamp assure secure gripping but minimal
scoring of conductors during installation
• WARNING: Adequate rubber gloves must be worn
when using this equipment
• Clean and inspect Load-Pickup Tool after every 25
operations or at least once every 90 days
• Clean all plastic parts with a soft cloth dampened with
only ethyl alcohol
• To disassemble Tool, simply remove two screws in
Construction Features
Load-Pickup Tool:
o Orange-tinted translucent Lexan
housing permits
easy visual inspection
o Current-carrying parts of Copper or Copper alloy
o Contact points are silver plated
o Handguard of high-impact Nylon keeps hand away
from energized area
Jumper Clamp:
o Current-carrying parts of Copper alloy
o Handles of high-impact Polyethylene
o Wide handguard flange keeps hand away from
energized area
Load-Pickup Tool Sets
Pre-assembled for 15kV systems
Recocking the Contacts
Closing the Contacts