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Jumpers & Load Pi ckup Tool s – 2300
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September 2012
Features & Applications
• Tested per OSHA & ASTM F711
• For line tension up to 4,000 lbs. with manual hookstick
• Maximum ratings: 35 kV Ø-Ø, 600 ampscontinuous,
150 kV BIL
• Permits a live overhead distribution line to be cut
• By bearing the mechanical load, it helps create a
parallel circuit
• This averts service interruption while the cutting and
related work are performed
• May be applied wherever disconnect switch is desired
for temporary sectionalizing
• Tool is properly rated concerning line tension,
continuous current, BIL and system voltage
• Applications that require cutting a conductor include:
o Deadend-structure construction
o Overhead switch installation on a structure
o In-line switch installation
• Combines two Chance products: Epoxiglas
22 lb. / 9.9 kg.
Tension Puller Switching Tool
  4,000 lb. (1,800 kg.)
      Working Range:
  58 to 70 in. (1,473 to 1,778 mm)
      Maximum Take-up:
12 in. (305 mm)
  24 in. (610 mm)
  36 in. (914 mm)
  60 in. (1,524 mm)
Installation & Operation
• Equipped with rings, tool may be handled and
operated by hot-line tools or rubber-glove live-line
• Illustrated instructions included with each unit
give application considerations and procedures for
installation, operation and maintenance
• Suspended from hot-line wire grips with the
disconnect switch closed, tension puller works like a
• Operating the ratchet wrench brings the tool’s two
ends closer
• This reduces tension on the conductor between the
tool’s hooks
• Hot line jumpers sized to the application are installed
on the conductor and the tool’s bypass studs to create
a parallel circuit
• Before cutting the conductor, it is securely restrained
• Once cut, its long tail is clamped back onto itself
• A properly rated portable loadbreak device may now
be hung on the tool’s disconnect hooks and used to
open the switch
• Refer to ANSI C37.35 IEEE Guide for the Application,
Installation, Operation and Maintenance of High
Voltage Air Disconnecting and Load Intrerrupter
• For proper installation, select from four sizes of hot-line
wire grips shown on Chance catalog page 1258 and the
full range of jumper equipment in this section
• To secure cut end of conductor, tie back clamp C4000600,
shown on Chance catalog page 2222, fits conductors
ranging from #4 to 397.4 kcmil ACSR
Operate disconnect switch with
a portable
loadbreak tool.
Tension Puller Switching Tool
 Catalog No.
tension puller and LTD
line-tension disconnect switch
• For this special tool, weathershed skirts of a tough,
lightweight polymer have been bonded to the tension
puller’s 1-1/2"-diameter Epoxiglas pole
• At both skirt ends, a locating pin aligns a compression
clamp to secure switch hot parts to pole
• A bypass stud (1/2"-dia.) added at each end of switch
accepts clamps up to 3" wide
• Rigid, H-frame copper switch blade opens to a
standard 90°, or to 180° with stop pin removed
• Contact areas are silver-plated for high conductivity
• Galvanized-steel hooks are provided for use with a
portable loadbreak device
• For easy opening and icebreaking, pull ring (1-1/4"-dia.
eye) activates latch as a pry-lever
• Hooks on ends are fixed and do not swivel
• Safety latch on hooks has a spring-loaded gate able to
rotate 135 degrees left or right from closed position
• Selector lever on ratchet wrench is extra large for
easier operation by hot line tools