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Cover -Up Equipment – 2400
Page 2402
November 2012
Phone: 573-682-5521 Email: hpsliterature@hubbell.com Web: hubbellpowersystems.com
Features & Applications
• Made of orange linear polyethylene
• Fits over maximum of two 10” dia. deadend insulators
• End of cover will mate with Chance 25kV conductor
covers or rubber line hose to extend protected area
• Measures 34”L, 11” W and 12-1/2” from conductor to
unit bottom
• Split unit fits easily over the conductor and insulators
• Split unit can be tightly clamped together using large
hot stick clamp pin, which is similar to those used in
securing rubber blankets
• A Grip-All adapter (included) allows unit to be installed
with a clampstick
• Can also be placed into position with rubber gloves
and sleeves
Clamping pin can be used in any
of three positions indicated.
Deadend Covers
25 kV Phase-to-Phase
Features & Applications
• Tested to ASTM F712
• Protects linemen working near most
open-type cutouts rated at 25kV or
• Will not fit over cutouts with linkbreak
levers or similar devices
• Can be placed over the cutout
• Locking pin slips behind the cutout
insulator over hanger bracket and into
hole on opposite side of cover
Cutout Covers
25 kV Phase-to-Phase
Features & Applications
• For all types of high-voltage line maintenance
• Most pieces can be installed with rubber gloves or hot
stick application eyes
• Common sense rules must always be followed when
using cover-up equipment, including:
1.  Cover-up equipment (such as line covers, insulator
covers, cutout covers, and deadend covers) is intended
to prevent personnel from making accidental brush
contact with energized parts or equipment. Under
no conditions should personnel purposely contact
the covers, except with adequate rubber gloves, and
personnel must always be aware of their position in
order to avoid accidental contact with the cover
2.  Cover-up equipment (such as pole covers, crossarm
guards, crossarm end covers, and pole top covers)
is intended to help prevent accidental contact of
energized tie wires or conductors with the grounded
surface of the pole or crossarm
3. Cover-up equipment must be handled with care to
minimize breakage and scratching, and must be kept
clean. Maintenance is as important with cover-up
equipment as with other hot line tools. Each cover
must be thoroughly inspected before each use to
ensure that it has no cracks, deep scratches, or gouges
and to ensure that it is clean. Cleaning should be done
with a wiping cloth, and if that does not remove all
dirt, mild soap and water should be used. Polyethylene
covers can be cleaned with Chance Moisture-Eater II
solvent-cleaner (see Catalog Section 2500). Caution:
Solvents must be avoided unless the user can
determine that the material in the particular cover is
4. For Temporary Use — Cover-up equipment is designed
to be as light and easy to use as possible, hence it is
not made from materials that can withstand extended
periods of electrical stress. Therefore, Chance cover-
up equipment must not be left installed for extended
periods, especially if allowed to touch both an
energized surface and a possibly grounded surface.
The situation would be highly aggravated in rainy
or humid weather, when the surfaces of the covers
become dirty, etc. Therefore, the covers should be
removed at the end of the workday, if possible
Cover-Up Equipment
Cover-up equipment, by necessity, is designed to be as universal as possible. Therefore it is possible, as examples, for
(1) a tie wire to touch a potentially grounded pin or other part, (2) a person’s hand to touch the conductor through an
opening in the equipment, or (3) a part of a person’s body or other work equipment to contact the conductor through
an opening in the cover-up equipment or “in the vicinity of junctions between pieces of cover-up equipment.” These
possibilities, as well as other possible contacts, do exist, and the persons using this equipment must be aware of them
and consider them on each and every application. Necessary precautions must be taken to prevent these contacts.
Under no circumstances is Chance cover-up equipment intended to prevent mechanical equipment from contacting either
energized or grounded surfaces.
Catalog No.
Deadend Cover
5 lb./2.3 kg.
Catalog No.
C4060009 Cutout Cover with Locking Pin 4 lb./1.8 kg.
• Eyes on cover and locking pin allow installation with a
Grip-All clampstick
• Cover is made of orange high-impact ABS plastic
• Several units can be nested together for convenience
and space saving on truck