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November 2012
Warning: The ArcSafe Suppression Blanket has been developed by leading industrial and safety engineers, and Workrite believes
it to be the best available for its intended purpose. However, explosions and blasts due to electrical faulting may be erratic and
unpredictable, and we do not claim that ArcSafe offers total protection. It improves the chances of a worker’s survivability in a life-
threatening incident. In addition, ArcSafe is NOT classified as “Electrically Insulated” and must NEVER be used as such. Before using
this or any protective product, please avail yourself of all information concerning its use.
Tested Successfully At 42,000 Amps Fault
• ArcSafe was subjected to fault-current testing at
Chance laboratories
• ArcSafe was placed over a small section of 2/0 copper
cable that was faulted to ground, simulating a cable or
splice failure
• Maximum fault current generated was 42,432 amps for
a duration of 13 cycles
• Other than black deposits, ArcSafe experienced no
damage and provided total fault-blast containment
Heavy-Duty Protection In Lightweight
• Two synthetic fabrics are combined in the ArcSafe™
Suppression Blanket from Workrite (Your Uniform for
Life Company)
• Both space-age fabrics are aramid-fiber types
• Inner layer is Kevlar
and the outer is NOMEX
• Kevlar is the same aramid fiber used in combat helmets
and body armor
• Flame-resistant NOMEX III is used as cover to protect
Kevlar core from ultraviolet degradation
• Blankets consist of thin layers and offer unrivaled
• Extremely easy to maneuver in confined spaces
• Weigh only 1/5 lb. per square foot ( 5/8 kg. per m2 )
and NOMEX 
are DuPont registered trademarks for its aramid fibers. Only DuPont makes Kevlar and NOMEX.
4 ft. x 5 ft. (1.2 x 1.5 meters)
4 ft. x 8 ft. (1.2 x 2.4 meters)
ArcSafe™ Arc-Suppression Blankets
Applications and Conforming to OSHA Law
• When draped or loosely wrapped over a defective
cable or splice, ArcSafe provides a protective shield for
exposed workers
• Velcro
straps sewn on the back help keep ArcSafe
where positioned
• ArcSafe blankets meet or exceed OSHA requirements
for manhole protection
• Beginning in 1991, OSHA mandates that if cables in
manholes appear defective “. . . and cannot be de-
energized due to service load conditions, employees
may enter the manhole provided they are protected
from the possible effects of a failure by shields or
other devices that are capable of containing the
adverse effects of a fault in the joint.” [29 CFR Part
Arc-Suppression Blankets
• for shields against electrical fault blasts
(Not Electrically Insulated)
4 lb./1.8 kg.
lb./2.9 kg.
Catalog No.