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Inst ruments and Meters – 2450
Page 2454
November 2012
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• Large direct-reading display
• Determine phase relationships and approximate
voltage, line-to-line or line-to-ground
• Each tester consists of two fiberglass poles with end
fittings threaded for interchangeable probes
• Probe fittings couple with high-impedance component
encased in each pole
• To complete the test circuit, a 22 ft. length of insulated
flexible cable stores on the reel affixed to one pole and
connects to electronic display module on other pole
• Simple to operate, tester attaches to two 6 ft.
Epoxiglas® insulating universal handles (included in
each kit for proper working clearances)
• Probes can be brought into contact with conductors
for tester to display phase-to-phase or phase-to-
ground voltage
• Pushbutton controls permit easy selection of options
for display Backlight and Hold features
• When not in use, the unit’s Sleep mode automatically
conserves the battery
Hi-Pot & Higher Voltage Test Accessories
• For underground cable hi-pot testing
• 16 kV Kit C4033402 includes a DC Hi-Pot Adapter
• Hi-pot testing cannot be done with the 40 kV unit
• Both the 16 kV and 40 kV Kits include underground
bushing and elbow adapters
Digital Phasing Testers
Large direct display with backlight and hold features
• For overhead subtransmission systems,
Extension Resistors are available as accessories
specific to each Digital Phasing Tester
Available as accessories, Extension Resis-
tors simply thread onto the Digital Phasing
Tester in the field.
Each Basic Unit Digital
Phasing Tester includes
the tester unit with meter
and reel poles, a pigtail
hook probe, a shepherd
hook probe, instruction
manual and hard shell
padded case.
16kV Digital Phasing Tester Basic Unit
   Cat. No. C4033369 (14 lb./6.36 kg.)
40kV Digital Phasing Tester Basic Unit
   Cat. No. C4033370 (14
lb./6.6 kg.)
    Hi-pot testing cannot be done with the 40kV unit.
Basic Units:
See next page for Tester Kits.
• 16kV and 40kV models, plus 80kV extensions
• For Overhead & Underground
Display With Backlight, Hold and Sleep Modes
Extension Resistors as installed
for testing up to 80kV