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Inst ruments and Meters – 2450
Page 2460
November 2012
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Includes the tester unit, a shepherd hook probe, a straight
probe, instruction manual and hard shell padded case.
Distribution / Transmission ARVI
(Auto-Ranging Voltage Indicator)
Cat. No. PSC4032915 (4
lb./2.0 kg.)
Full Range (600V – 500kV)
Auto-Ranging Voltage Indicator (ARVI)
Bright display lights indicate voltage class
This smart new-generation instrument makes hot-line
voltage testing easier than ever. Its state-of-the-art
electronics eliminate the need for a selector switch.
Its automatic-ranging function quickly displays the
approximate phase-to-phase voltage class
. It provides an
easy, reliablemeans for theoperator todetermine if a line is:
a) De-energized, or
b) Carrying less than normal system voltage from any
sourceor induced charged fromanadjacent live circuit,
c) Energized at full system voltage.
Simple to operate, the tester attaches to an Epoxiglas
insulating universal hot stick of appropriate length to
maintain proper OSHA working clearances. A single
pushbutton activates the instrument, then a single light
indicates either Power On (by glowing solid) or LowBattery
(byblinking).Withagoodbattery condition, the instrument
performs a confirming self-test by illuminating each of the
12 indicator lights in series while emitting an
audible signal
Then the probe can be brought into contact with
the conductor. It automatically begins detecting at
approximately 100V and holds the display of one of these
phase-to-phase voltage classes: 600V, 4kV, 15kV, 25kV, 35kV,
69kV, 115kV, 161kV, 230kV, 345kV or 500kV. The audible
signal begins as a slow beeping that becomes faster as the
reading is increased.
When not in use, the unit’s energy-saving Sleep mode
automatically conserves the battery.
Voltage Indicator Tester PSC4033582
Plug-in jackonFull-RangeARVI housingpermits
line personnel to quickly verify its operable
condition with Voltage Indicator Tester
(Cat. No. PSC4033582) before and after
each use.
Complies with OSHA 1910.269 to Test for Absence of Nominal Voltage
• 600V to 500kV     • For Overhead and URD Systems
Large easy-to-read
display activates
each red light, one
at a time, beginning
at the low end and
finally holds on the
light for the phase-
to-phase voltage
class detected.
Thismodel adapts toboth
overhead lines aswell asURD
circuits with 200 and 600 Amp
elbows, including those with and
without capacitance test-points. Inter-
changeable probes and adapters just thread
into the ARVI end fitting and test point (T.P.) setting ap-
propriate to each application. Furnished owner’s manual
illustrates operating details for all models.
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Shepherd Hook Probe
0.25 lb./0.1 kg.
Straight Probe
0.13 lb./0.05 kg.
15kV only Bushing Adapter
0.5 lb./0.2 kg.
15 - 35kV Elbow Adapter
1 lb./0.4 kg.
15 - 35kV Bushing Adapter
1.6 lb./0.7 kg.