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Inst ruments and Meters – 2450
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November 2012
Transmission Tester
*Carrying case weighs additional 10
lb. (4.62 kg.)
Catalog No.
System Applications
Distribution (thru 35 kV)
Transmission (44 thru 500 kV)
4 lb./1.8 kg.
5 lb./2.25 kg.
Energized Insulator Testers
(each includes instrument, two straight probes,
operating instructions and metal carrying case)
Plug-in jack on Insulator Tester meter housing permits
line personnel to quickly verify its operable condition
with a Phasing Voltmeter Tester (Cat. No. C4030838)
before and after each use.
for Distribution and Transmission Systems
• Sensitive voltmeter measures difference in potential
across each insulator in a suspect string
• Comparative readings from satisfactory strings in same
operating situation quickly indicate the state of every
insulator in the string being tested
• Meter places minimal load on the phase as it requires
only a small leakage current to make a reading
• Two straight steel probes threaded into the tester forks
simply contact the metal fittings on both ends of each
insulator at the same time
• Mounted on a 1-1⁄4"-dia. Epoxiglas
pole with a
universal fitting
• Before each use the tester should be attached to the
proper length hot stick for the system voltage involved
• Distribution model’s scale reads up to 11 kV
• Transmission model’s scale reads a maximum of 16 kV
• Without interrupting service, one of these testers
quickly can check the condition of each insulator in a
• Greatly reduces maintenance costs
• Only insulators identified as damaged require
• No need to change entire strings
• Available in two models
• Testers serve specific applications:
o Deadend insulators on distribution systems through
35 kV
o Suspension insulators on 44 kV through 500 kV
transmission systems
Energized Insulator Testers
Distribution Tester