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Inst ruments and Meters – 2450
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November 2012
Features & Applications
• Allows lineman to determine whether URD cable is
energized or de-energized
• Amplifier is designed to give a meter reading
• This occurs when small AC voltage between the semi-
conductive sheath and the concentric neutral of the
energized URD cable is applied to test probe
• Amplifier is housed in a rugged thermoplastic case
• Self-test contact point is located on top of amplifier
• Check meter operation and battery condition by
touching test probe to test point
Dielectric Compound No. 7
Dielectric Compound No. 7, a silicone base material, is
made for use with load break disconnects and other
electrical connecting and terminating devices.
Cat. No. C4170287..................................... 2 oz. Tube
URD Cable Sensor, two
leads, two hose clamps,
two 9-volt batteries and
5 lb./2.3 kg.
Catalog No.
• Sensor checks energized condition on concentric-
neutral cable below an elbow without test points (as
• At cable mid-span (left), hose clamps bridge all strands
of concentric neutral at the test location
• Sensor’s neutral lead clips to one of the hose clamps
• Tip on probe lead contacts semi-conductive cable
sheath to test voltage
Energized Cable Sensor