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Inst ruments and Meters – 2450
Page 2472
November 2012
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Complete Line/Fault Locator (Cat. No. C4030547)
Locating the fault.
Locating the buried cable (Cat. No. T4030572)
Catalog No.
Line/Fault Locator, complete with Batteries
Line Locator and Receiver only
Earphone Head Set
Approx. Wt.
30 lb./13.5 kg.
10 lb./4.5 kg.
1 lb./.45 kg.
Line Fault Locator
Features & Applications
• For underground distribution lines, 115 volts through
34.5 kV
• Fault location potential up to one megohm.
• Consists of four units
• Self-standing, Epoxiglas® Line Locator for free use of
both hands
• Used as a “wand”, sending a null-out to the audible
sound through the unit as an indication of proximity
to induced current in a buried cable
• Epoxiglas® Fault Locator receives signal from
transmitter through two earth probes
• Fault Locator interrupts signal when the two probes
are equidistant from the fault
• 90° locations are then established from handle of tool
to pinpoint fault
• Transmitter emits a 90-volt square wave, 115-cycle
• Transmitter includes one 12-volt battery in the carrying
• Receiver amplifies Transmitter signal
• Also amplifies 60-cycle field around a conductor
carrying current
• Includes six “AA” 1-1⁄2-volt batteries, volume control
and neck strap
• Earphones are available for plugging into receiver,
eliminating background noises