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Tool Repai r & Storage – 2500
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September 2012
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Moisture Eater II Wipes 
for hot-line tools, rubber line hose & blankets
Features & Applications
• Economical, individual packets encourage daily use
Helps utilities stay in compliance with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.269(j)
Packaged For Convenience
• Small pocket-sized packets
• For cleaning of insulated hot-line tools, line hose and
rubber blankets
• Zip open a foil packet and pull out the pre-moistened,
lint-free towel
• Each wipe is saturated with a half ounce of orange-
scented Moisture Eater II solvent
Workable, Environment-Friendly Formula
• Eliminates waste while thoroughly clean tools
• Much lower evaporation rate than other hot-line tool
• Contains no water and absorbs water in its presence
• Does not contain chlorinated solvents harmful to the
Earth’s ozone layer
• New formula consists of two solvents:
o One for oils, waxes and silicone-type contamination
o One for moisture contamination
• This combination is ideally suited for cleaning hot-line
• A by-product of citrus fruit, one component is
biodegradable; the other component protects it from
decomposing until used
• Reformulation eliminates chlorinated solvents harmful
to Earth’s ozone layer
• For more technical details, refer to Material Safety
Data Sheet ABC/C56
Moisture Eater II Wipes (1 box of 50 packets)
Ordering Information
2.7 lb. (1.2 kg.)
• Hanger box holds 50 wipes – handy for crew bays,
trailers, and trucks
• Sealed wipes mean no more rags to store or try to
keep clean in the field
• No more jugs to stow, big spills, evaporation losses or
wasteful excesses
Line hose and rubber blankets clean up easily with Moisture
Eater II wipes.
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