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September 2012
Silicone Wipes for hot-line tools
Features & Applications
• Economical, individual packets encourage daily use
• Packaged for easy access on the jobsite
• Easy way to encourage daily cleaning
• Helps utilities stay in compliance with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.269(j)
Simple and convenient:
• Easy-open     • Single-use     • Disposable
Quick & Easy Extra Protection
• Small pocket-sized packets
• Encourage frequent care of insulated hot-line tools
• Hanger box holds 50 wipes – handy for crew bays,
trailers, and trucks
• Sealed wipes mean no more rags to store or try to
keep clean in the field
• Zip open a foil packet and pull out the pre-moistened,
lint-free towel
• Silicone-saturated 8 x 10” lint-free towel easily cleans
• Contain same silicone as Hot Stick Wiping Cloths in
Chance Epoxiglas
Cleaning Kit
• Using cloths or Silicone Wipes on fiberglass tools
removes dust
• Thin, protective coat helps resist accumulation of dirt
and contaminants
Quick & Easy Extra Protection
• The last step in everyday clean-and-wipe routine
• Replaces protective film that cleaners such as Moisture
Eater II remove
• Also preserves tool surfaces
• Used after Chance Gloss Restorer, sealed and
disposable wipes ensure a clean application of a
preservative layer on new surfaces
Silicone Wipes, one box of 50 packets
Ordering Information
2.7 lb. (1.2 kg.)
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