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Tool Repai r & Storage – 2500
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September 2012
Phone: 573-682-5521 Email: hpsliterature@hubbell.com Web: hubbellpowersystems.com
New Controls & Meter for All Requirements
• Simple to operate, portable unit
• Makes easy work of testing insulated live-line tools
• Wet and dry modes selected by a toggle switch
• Follows procedures specified by ASTM, IEEE and OSHA
• Graduated meter gives precise readout of each tool’s
leakage current
Portable Operating Ease
• For testing any length fiberglass-reinforced plastic
(FRP) hot stick up to 3” in dia.
• For spot checks at field
jobsites or periodic
diagnostics in workshop
• Full-scale test setups for
both Wet (75 kV-per-foot)
and Dry (100 kV-per-foot)
• Compact, self-contained
unit easily carried and
operated by one person
• In Setup procedure
before each use, a
zeroing knob is used to
set meter to zero without
a tool in the tester
• Furnished Check Bar
serves as self-check to
ensure tester is functional
• Included video demonstrates “how-to” basics for
Setup, Dry and Wet tests
• Owners Manual must be read and understood before
operating tester
Catalog No.
Wet/Dry Hot Stick Tester
115-volt model
230-volt model
20 lb./9.0 kg.
20 lb./9.0 kg.
 Included with each Tester:
 • Check bar • Owners operating instruction manual
" VHS videotape demonstration   • Carrying case 
Ordering Information
Quantitative Test Results
• When placed on tool, displays any increase in leakage
current due to hotstick
• Gives immediate indication of stick’s true leakage
condition, independent of stray currents (through the
air, internal to testers, etc.) zeroed out in advance
• Detects leakage currents due to surface contamination,
internal moisture and such internal conductive
materials as carbon tracks
Wet/Dry Hot Stick Tester
for easy, portable compliance with industry standards