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Tool Repai r & Storage – 2500
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September 2012
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Storage Canisters
for Rubber Insulating Blankets
Features & Applications
• Proper storage extends blanket life
• Provides easy access in service
• Long-lasting construction
• For physical and contamination protection, canisters
are lightweight yet durable and stow easily on service
vehicles and in warehouses
• Cylindrical shape promotes proper treatment – rubber
blankets should never be folded, creased or compressed
when stored
• Rolling blankets before inserting helps keep them
ready for service
• Blankets nested inside each other may be inserted or
withdrawn one at a time
• Bright orange color
• High-impact-resistant high-density polyethylene for
tough, rust-free resilience
• Polypropylene rope keeps tight-fitting cap secured to
C4032998 does not have a handle and is 7" in diameter.
C4032999 has a molded handle and is 10" in diameter.
Storage Canisters for Rubber Insulating Blankets
Silicone Lubricant
for flexible line hose and general applications
Features & Applications
• Makes line hose easy to put on and slide into place
• Silicone material also serves as a multi-purpose lubricant
• Handy 10 oz. size aerosol package provides convenient
applicator to coat all interior line hose surfaces
• Simply spread open the hose near one end and direct
the can nozzle's wide spray pattern inside, working
down the hose to its other end
• Soft, clean cloth may be used to wipe silicone on large
• May be used in place of petroleum-based lubricants
• Surfaces to be coated should be clean and dry
• For more technical details, refer to Material Safety Data
sheet ABC/C40
C4002320 Silicone Aerosol Lubricant
Catalog No.
Can Contents
10 oz./284 gm.
C4032998 No handle, 7" dia., 37" long 6 lb./2.7 kg.
C4032999 With handle, 10" dia., 37" long 7
lb./3.43 kg.