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L ineman' s Accessor ies – 2550
Page 2552
September 2012
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Features & Applications
• Allows linemen to get closer to their work
• Clothing is bonded to conductor, placing the lineman
within the field of electricity
• Allows him to work with his hand on the conductor
• Transmission line maintenance efficiency and effectiveness
are advanced without endangering lineman and without
interrupting customer service.
• For work on voltages through 765 kV
• Two-piece conductive suit is made of a blend of Nomex
aramid flame resistant fiber and microscopic stainless steel
• Zepel finish is applied to repel water
• Analysis and tests show the material:
o Is extremely strong and tear resistant
o Meets or exceeds IEC 60895 Specification for conductive
o Does not degrade with time or number of washings
• Overcast stitching on major seams for integrity, durability
and resistance to fraying
• Tails and appendages are attached by separate panels
with multiple square and “x” stitches for integrity
• Velcro pads are located on strong nylon webbing
suspender harness and cuffs of jacket and pants to
provide rapid versatile fitting
• Corrosion-resistant snap fittings on jacket and pants make
it easy to suit up
• Large hood, with drawstring, fits over any standard
Conductive Suit
EHV Barehand Conductive Suit puts the lineman
on the job . . .