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September 2012
Features & Applications
• Bashlin shock-absorbing 2000 Series lanyards are
recommended for most fall arrest applications
• Include an integral polyester core that absorbs forces
as it expands
• 1" tublular nylon web with polyester shock absorbing
core, 1-6650 snaphook and a loop end
Fall Arrest Lanyard
Limiting the lanyard length to 6' will not ensure a free
fall of 6' or less. The lanyard length, anchor point and
work location together will determine the free fall
No. PS28056HL
Shock absorbing lanyard
Ship Wt: 1.5 lb (0.68 kg)
Pole Climbers
Climbers are to be used by trained personnel only.
Features & Applications
• Bashlin pole climbers meet ASTM - F887 requirements
• Include #2 gaff guard and #5 gaff gauge standard
• Nylon straps are standard on Bashlin climbers
BD14 Series
• Bashlin’s aluminum alloy offset climber
• Features a replaceable, forged steel gaff
• Lightweight climber reduces fatigue and adds climbing
• Comparable steel climbers weigh 30% more
Ship Wt:
PSBD141N Bottom straps attached
4.25 lb (1.93 kg)
PSBD142N Bottom straps attached,
and top straps
4.75 lb (2.15 kg)
PSBD143N Bottom straps attached,
top straps and #110D pads 5.25 lb (2.38 kg)
PSBD144N Bottom straps attached,
top straps and #130D pads 5.50 lb (2.49 kg)
PSBD145N Bottom straps attached,
top straps and #140DS pads 5.75 lb (2.61 kg)
The maximum and standard length for Bashlin
2000 Series fall arrest lanyard is 6 feet. This is to
aid the user in compliance with OSHA’s maximum
6 feet free fall for personal fall arrest systems.
BD16B Series
• Rugged, steel alloy adjustable climber
• Features replaceable gaff, offset design, roomy ankle
area, and triangular strap ring
PSBD16B1N Bottom straps attached
5.50 lb (2.49 kg)
PSBD16B2N Bottom straps attached,
and top straps
6.00 lb (2.72 kg)
PSBD16B3N Bottom straps attached,
top straps and #110D pads 6.50 lb (2.95 kg)
PSBD16B4N Bottom straps attached,
top straps and #130D pads 6.75 lb (3.06 kg)
PSBD16B5N Bottom straps attached,
top straps and #140DS pads 7.00 lb(3.18kg)
Lanyards may be connected to D-Rings on harnesses
with web/rope loops, and properly dimensioned
carabiners or snaphooks. 3" nylon loop back
attachments require web/rope loops or properly
dimensioned carabiners. Snaphooks are not to be used
with such attachment points.