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Rubber Insulat ing Gloves & Sleeves – 2650
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September 2012
Rubber Insulating Gloves and Sleeves
Green & Made With Environmentally-Responsible Processes
Aqueous Dip Process
• Water-based method avoids Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
• VOCs are flammable, harmful to the environment and low quality
• Aqueous Process helps rubber products retain elasticity, flexibility and
great insulation inherent to natural rubber
Biomass Boilers
• Steam for Chance
rubber glove production is generated by Biomass boilers
• No oil or natural gas is burned in the process
• Process burns enviro-friendly waste-fiber by-products from palm-oil
• This bio-fuel makes the boiler emissions effectively carbon neutral
Waste Water High-Tech Treatment
• State-of-the-art water treatment system
• Makes all waste water used in glove-making process safe for reuse or
ISO 14001 Certified For Environmental Management
• Designed for high achievement and low impact on environment
• Manufacturing plant in Malaysia that produces Chance rubber gloves has
earned ISO 14001 certification
• Plant also won environmental-responsibility award from Malaysian
Superior Quality Assurance
Critical Measures Taken To Ensure Worker Safety
Top-Quality Assurance
• Chance rubber gloves are manufactured in an ISO 9001-certified facility
• Industry-leading technological innovations
• Promotes product safety
• Reduces environmental impact
100% Visually & Electrically Tested
• Every pair of gloves is visually inspected inside and outside
• Electrically proof tested for 3 minutes per ASTM D120
Full Product Traceability
• Every glove is marked with electrical-testing/born-on date
• Includes lot code on outside of glove
• Safety stamp on inside of glove
• These three markings indicate manufacturing location and process
Certified Chemical & Physical Laboratory
• Rubber compounds and finished gloves are closely analyzed and inspected
• This is completed using the ISO 17025 certified laboratory in the factory
Incoming Quality Assurance Inspections
• QA visual and electrical checks are performed on all gloves
• Every glove shipment is inspected at our distribution center in Centralia,