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September 2012
Hoi sts - Powered – 1150
Powerful design for tough jobs.
Improved design features a multiple-planetary drive/back-
stop clutch assembled on the center shaft of a steel gearcase
with full-length internal teeth. This design handles more
rugged jobs, extends service life and reduces maintenance.
Versatile to various applications
Lightweight, powerful portable hoists move heavyweight
and difficult-access tasks, including:
• Setting utility poles
• Pulling wheeled equipment over obstacles
• Raising transformers (even over fences in back lots)
• Hoisting heavy insulators
• String and tensioning conductors
• Pulling indoor and underground cable
• Cell tower erection
Series 90 Capstan Hoists
• 1,000-lb. & 3,000-lb. Load Ratings  • 12V, 115V, 230V, Hydraulic, Gasoline
For improved load control, steel capstan drum features
nickel-plated rope surface, larger radius at load-line wrap
and rope hook/handle. Position fall line so it will not
pullover end of drum. If rope comes off end of drum and
hook catches it, stop hoist, secure load and correct rope
position on drum.
Optional Rope Lock  –  At left: Automatically supports
load when fall line is released, until operator resumes
hoisting. At right: The release lanyard permits lowering or
lifting load with precise control over speed and distance.
• Such little effort is required, any crew member can run
• Highly-accurate controls allow loads to be moved a
fraction of an inch
• Note: Always use at least as many wraps of rope on the
drum to lower a load as required to lift that load
Mechanical Advantage of Series 90 Hoists
Simple technique eases all loads
• Graph at right and diagram below show capstan
principle in action
• Operator effort remains low for typical loads simply by
adding wraps on capstan drum
4 wraps of rope = 1:44 ratio.
That is, 1 lb. pull on Fall Line develops 44
lb. on Load Line.
Therefore, 20 lb. of pull
develops 880 lb. of lift.
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