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Grounding Equipment – 3000
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July 2012
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Truck Safety Barricade
Features & Applications
• Keeps workers and onlookers away from truck when it
is being used in proximity to energized conductors
• Six rods, made of bright orange Epoxirod
, provide
a 6-foot air space around the entire perimeter of the
• Safety barricade also includes six pieces of 3-inch long
steel tubing (to be welded to truck by the customer)
• Tubing holds barricade rods, 150 feet of yellow rope
and a canvas storage bag
• Entire kit requires less storage than traffic cones and
can be quickly installed and removed at each job site
Truck Safety Barricade
Catalog No.
21 lb./9.5 kg.
Modular design quickly sets up and takes down for
storage in rugged transport case.
Catalog No.
Grounding Simulator Kit
Features & Applications
• Demonstrates principles for temporary grounding
• Portable instructional aid provides working model of
three-phase system circuit
• Powered by a step-down transformer
• Plugs into a 110-volt 60-cycle household source
• Special light/buzzer unit simulates lineworker in
maintenance on de-energized line
• Insulated wires with alligator clip at each end serve as
grounding cable and clamp sets (10 included)
• Miniature grounding cluster bar is included for pole
Grounding Simulator Kit
23 lb. / 10.5 kg.
• To quickly test any proposed configuration, depress
transformer foot switch to energize a fault on the
• If the light glows and the buzzer sounds on the
“worker,” this indicates the grounding system in place
fails to provide protection
• If no such signals occur, the scheme of grounding
connections does create a protective zone of equalized
potential at the worksite
Ordering Information
Durable & Accurate
• Durable, aluminum pipe poles
• Wood crossarms
• Electrically correct, aluminum poles effect the
conductivity which should be assumed for actual poles
• Leads from the poles and neutral connect to ground
side on source (transformer)