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Grounding Equipment – 3000
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July 2012
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Features & Applications
• Complies with OSHA 1910.269 for equipotential requirements near vehicles, underground gear, overhead switches
and in substations
Simple to join multiples for larger areas
• Cascading (or joining together) two or more mats is
• Connecting tab and hardware furnished with each mat
Padmounted Transformers and Switches
• Complies with OSHA 1910.269
• Protects workers operating and maintaining pad-
mounted transformers and switchgear
• Proper use of EQUI-MAT Personal Protective Ground
Grid in these applications creates an equipotential
• This is the same as a cluster bar (chain binder) does in
overhead grounding practices
(Left) To join mats, conductive
grids simply connect at tabs
with bolt, washer and nut
included with each mat. Tabs
have shrink tube for stress
relief. (Right) Ball stud can
join mats and connect to
ground set clamps.
Long ball stud accepts various grounding clamps as shown
below and at right: Ball/Socket, C Type and Duckbill.
• Connected in series, the conductive grids become one
• For larger area, place lug connector tabs of two adja-
cent mats on the supplied bolt or threaded shank of a
ball stud and secure with supplied washer and nut
Mechanical Equipment (Vehicles, etc.) Grounding
• Provides compliance with OSHA 1910.269
• Protects workers around mechanical equipment which
could become energized, such as utility vehicles and
portable generators
• For proper application, EQUI-MAT Personal Protective
Ground Grids are attached to the vehicle (for example)
at locations where workers could contact the vehicle
• This extends the equipotential area around the vehicle
Overhead Distribution and Transmission Switches
• EQUI-MAT Personal Protective Ground Grid can help
eliminate step and touch potential
• Connect it to the handle of an overhead switch and
stand on it when opening or closing the switch
Line Apparatus Work
• Similar uses for installing, maintaining or operating
regulators, reclosers, capacitor banks
Suspect Substation Grids
• If station ground mat integrity is questionable, apply
the EQUI-MAT Personal Protective Ground Grid
Personal Protective Ground Grid