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Truck Accessor ies – 4150
Page 4156
September 2012
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For transport, hoist can remain
Swivel Bracket C3080903
C-Bracket C3080890
C-Bracket only  —  
complete with mounting bolts
Swivel Bracket only
1 lb. (0.45 kg.)
Weather Shield for 12-Volt DC hoist only
complete with band clamp
Swivel-Base Truck Mount
for 12V, 115V, 230V & Hydraulic 1,000-lb. Series 90 Capstan Hoists
Sets At Angles Needed For A Variety Of Jobs
• Turntable design permits proper alignment without repositioning service
• Heavy-gauge steel base bolts direct to truck body
• Bracket can be pinned at every 15° interval around circular base for:
o Stringing
o Tensioning
o Sagging conductors
o Pulling in cable
o Hoisting equipment
o Setting poles
o Pulling vehicles
• To remove hoist and bracket from swivel base, simply remove four bolts
• C-bracket also can be bolted down for fixed-angle
Utilize truck as portable power source
• Only 12V, 115V, 230V and Hydraulic 1,000-lb.-rated
hoists are recommended for truck mounting
• See page 1153 to order
This is not a personnel lifting device. A label on the unit warns against lifting people
or loads directly above people.
Features & Applications
• Alerts workers and onlookers to stay away from
truck when it is being used in proximity to energized
• Six rods, made of bright-orange Epoxirod
, provide a
6’ air space around the entire perimeter of truck
• Kit also includes:
o Six pieces of 3” long steel tubing (to be welded to
truck by the customer) to hold the barricade rods
o 150 feet of yellow rope
o A canvas storage bag
• Entire kit requires less storage than traffic cones
• Can be quickly installed and removed at each job site
Truck Visual Barrier
NOTE: For Hitch-Receiver Mount, see Catalog Section 1150
Catalog No.
Truck Visual Barrier
21 lb./9.5 kg.
Catalog No.
Weight, each
18 lb. (8.1 kg.)
5 lb. (2.25 kg.)