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Insulated Hand Tool s – 2100
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Page 2109
September 2012
Measuring/Disconnect Tool
• One tool does it all  • English AND Metric Scales
Tested per OSHA & ASTM F711
Features & Applications
• Tested per OSHA & ASTM F711
• English and metric scales for measuring pole heights and
conductor clearances from ground
• Easy-to-read scales feature large black characters on
Chance orange fiberglass sections
• English scales are marked with 1’ increments
• Each inch is marked in bold numbers and half inches are
indicated with intermediate bars
• Removable disconnect head for operating switches and
• End fitting on insulated top section accepts other Universal
Tool Accessories (Pages 2120 - 2127) for energized
conductor applications, all from the ground
• Positive spring-load locking-button mechanism and plug
feature prevent tool separation
• Once snapped into place, buttons securely lock into
position – no unexpected tool retractions
• To extend tool to desired length, pull out top section and
rotate it until button engages in next section
• For measuring aerial distances, continue this process until
tip reaches desired height
• Next, set butt of tool on ground and read scale at eye level
for exact distance of tip above ground
• To retract, depress button of largest section first, then
rotate it to disengage and collapse section
• Continue this process by taking each next smaller section in
Number of
5' 7"
11 lb./5.0 kg.
34' 9.3"
English AND Metric Scales
feet, inches, half inches AND meters, decimeters, centimeters
Tool’s top end
section is insulated
for maximum
protection. There are
no moisture-trapping
voids between foam
and tool wall because
the tool wall is built
around the foam.
Both scales are marked:
(on the right) English feet,
inches, half inches
(on the left) Metric meters,
decimeters, centimeters.