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Insulated Hand Tool s – 2100
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September 2012
Hot Line Applicator Tools
for Rubber Line Hose & Blankets
• Beveled top corner on each blade end helps insert
tool between hose lips
• Notice that blades fit in flat area recessed full length
on outside of one hose lip
• Grip-All clampstick operates applicator tool to install
Class 4 line hose with ease
• Simply rotating the stick clockwise tightens the tool's
grasp on the hose lip
• Especially useful for hose couplers, tools with 6" blades
also may be used to position rubber blankets and
shorter line hose lengths
• Prong on universal tool may be used in several techniques
to removeandplace linehose couplers, insulator hoods and
rubber blankets
• Universal tool mounts by its fitting with thumbscrew
• Adjustable hinge feature can be set at various
working angles simply by unscrewing the prong,
meshing the pivot cogs and tightening the prong
• Clampstick tool features an eyescrew similar to
grounding and tap clamps
Catalog No. Description
Clampstick Tool 6"
1.7 lb./0.8 kg.
Clampstick Tool 24"
2.5 lb./1.1 kg.
Features & Applications
• Designed to grasp the extended lip on Class 4 rubber
line hose
• Also permits placement/removal of rubber cover-up
blankets with insulated hotsticks
• Available in two styles to fit either clampsticks or
universal hotsticks
• Each style comes in three wood blade lengths
Catalog No. Description
C4032525 Universal Tool 6" 1.7 lb./0.8 kg.
C4032526 Universal Tool 24" 2.5 lb./1.1 kg.
C4032527 Universal Tool 36" 3.0 lb./1.4 kg.