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The industry’s first choice in
compression connections...
provides a complete selection of
one and two hole compression’s terminals,
H-taps, C-taps, and other compression con-
nection products specifically engineered to
meet the demanding applications of both the
Central Office and Wireless communications
All of BURNDY’s compression products are
designed for reliable and controllable
electrical connections. All connectors are
made from high conductivity electrolytic
copper and operate at cooler temperatures
than the conductor on which they are
installed. The connectors are normally
tin-plated, lead-plated, or plated with a pro-
prietary BURNDY
brite finish to provide the
industry standard in long-lasting corrosion
The complete installation is fully inspectable
and UL Listed when installed with BURNDY
dies. Every die in the system is color-coded
and provides die index embossment for
complete inspectability.
The Circumferential Crimp…
BURNDY’s circumferential crimp provides a
solid, homogenous connection, with high
pull out values and is rated for high voltage
applications, more than sufficient for the 48 V
DC operating voltage common in the tele-
com market. In addition the circumferential
crimp doesn’t require the removal of the cop-
per flash produced by other die systems.
This not only saves time in installation but
removes a potential safety hazard from the
All of the dies in the system are color-coded
to match the connectors and feature die
index and die number matching to the con-
nector for ease of installation.
the right choice for the job
tooling installs a wide range of
connectors, is reliable, cost effective, and
precision engineered for durable, long-last-
ing service and quality connections.
BURNDY’s compression tooling system
ranges from full cycle ratchet hand tools to
12 and 15 ton hydraulically-powered
HYPRESS™ heads. Hydraulic tools are avail-
able in self-contained, battery powered, and
AC service electrically powered pump and
remote head designs to meet all possible
installation situations.
Industry Standards
BURNDY’s compression terminals, splices
and tap connectors requiring third party
testing and approval are listed by Underwrit-
ers Laboratories, Inc. Many have also
received CSA approval, and all conform to
the applicable sections of the National
Electric Code.
Circumferential compression is solid
and symmetrical. No sharp Flash.
Blue highlighted items are industry standard and most frequently ordered.
US: 1-800-346-4175
Canada: 1-800-387-6487
Compression Connections