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From the Ground Up
With Over 85 Years of Experience
Since 1924, BURNDY
has been at the forefront of technological
innovation for the telecommunications, data, industrial, instrumentation,
and energy industries. As a result, we offer one of most widely used and
reliable product lines available.
But as times change, we don’t forget where we’ve been. It’s our ongoing
commitment to our customers and our products that propel us forward.
All our products come with the guarantee of the BURNDY
System. Our coordinating dies, connectors, and tools are designed to
work together—today and in the future. When improving our products or
debuting new ones, we’re committed to ensuring they continue to work
with the BURNDY
pieces you already have.
As you look through our catalog and consider how we can work together,
look for:
The Grounding Superstore
offers three versatile
grounding system choices, you can choose from mechanical grounding
connectors, BURNDYWeld
exothermic products, and the HYGROUND
Irreversible Compression Grounding System.
Installation Tooling.
Our mechanical, hydraulic, and battery-powered
tools and accessories are designed to work where you work—
regardless of weather or access to a power supply.
Resources for the future.
devotes significant resources to
developing and offering state-of-the-art wind and solar technology.
Our trained and experienced factory sales force can further help you get
the products that are right for your job. In fact, as you tell us what you
need, our advanced engineering support teams can custom build
connectors specifically for your needs.
Make the connection. Call today.
Customer Service Department
7 Aviation Park Drive
Londonderry, NH 03053
1-603-647-5299 (International)
1-800-361-6975 (Quebec)
1-800-387-6487 (All other provinces)
Tool Repair Center
Littleton Industrial Park
Littleton, NH 03561
Experience.Technology. Answers.
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