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Canada: 1-800-387-6487
US: 1-800-346-4175
Blue highlighted items are industry standard and most frequently ordered.
Features and Benefits
• Irreversible compression.
Meets 1999 NEC code, section 250-50
and 250-64.
• Material-pure wrought copper extrusions,
rod and seamless tubing––identical
material to the conductor.
Completely eliminates the possibility of
corrosion due to dissimilar metals.
• Heavy duty connector design.
All connectors will carry the equivalent
or greater current carrying capacity
of the conductor while maintaining
high mechanical strength and
electrical integrity.
• Range taking design––minimum number of
connector combinations required to install
a conductor range of #6 solid to 500 kcmil
plus 1/2 , 5/8 , 3/4 , and 1 ground rods
and rebar.
Inventories are kept to a minimum and
product selection is simplified.
• System engineered tooling.
Each tooling recommendation has
been designed to ensure reliability
of the connection.
• Irreversible compression connectors
can be installed in all kinds of weather.
Eliminates costly construction delays
and enables the installer to better
schedule his job.
• May be installed without special training
or special tools. Y750 crimps entire range.
Low installed cost.
Simplified installation.
• Each connection can be made in less than
3 minutes.
Low installed cost.
Simplified installation.
• Each connector is clearly marked with
catalog number, conductor size and
installation die information.
Easy and accurate identification.
• Inspection ports are provided to assure
proper insertion of the conductor.
Built-in quality assurance.
• The die index number is embossed on the
connector after completion of the crimp.
Facilitates speedy inspection of
installed connectors to insure consis-
tently reliable and sound connections.
irreversible compres-
sion elements are prefilled with
PENETROX™ and individually sealed
in clear polyethylene sheet.
Ensures that all contact surfaces are in
the proper condition for installation.
Ensures the electrical integrity of the
finished connection by inhibiting mois-
ture and contaminates from entering the
contact area.
irreversible compression
connectors are Listed in conformance with
Underwriters Laboratories Standard
UL467 and conform to applicable sections
of the National Electrical Code.
May be used in direct burial or concrete
embedded grounding applications.
irreversible connectors
(with the exception of type YGA and YGS)
have been tested successfully according
to requirements of Standard IEEE 837.
Meets tough industry performance
UPRECRIMP dies give added mechani-
cal strength. UPRECRIMP 34 for 3/4
rod, UPRECRIMP 12 for 1/2 rod, and
UPRECRIMP 58 for 5/8 rod
(now includes undersized U.S. market
place rods).
• Allows connection to most sizes of
structural steel with no drilling, tapping,
or welding.
Safely installed at low cost. Hot work
permits are not required to install in
hazardous areas