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US: 1-800-346-4175
Blue highlighted items are industry standard and most frequently ordered.
Cannot ignite powder.
Insufficient starting powder
Place at least half of starting powder in ignition pocket of
in ignition pocket on mold lid.
mold lid. Use all starting powder for each connection.
Flint ignitor not shooting
Clean flint ignitor according to directions on box or replace
enough spark.
flint ignitor.
Starting powder lumped together.
Break up starting powder on lid with edge of powder tube.
Starting powder has gotten wet.
Remove shot from mold and replace with a dry cartridge.
Mold wearing out too fast.
Improper cleaning of mold.
Use mold cleaner, soft natural bristle brush or clean rag
to clean mold between shots. Do not use wire brush or
screwdriver on molds.
Bent or out of round cable causes
Use caution when closing mold. Do not force mold shut
chipping and premature wear of
around bent, twisted or out of round conductors.
the mold.
Poor weld to ground rod.
Weight of mold not supported
Use locking pliers on ground rod under mold to support
during reaction causing mold to
the weight of the mold during the reaction.
slip when cable melts.
Moisture or contaminant on
Pre-heat conductors with propane torch then use a
cable or ground rod.
clean wire brush on conductors to remove any residue
left on conductors.
Weld will not stick to steel surface.
Improperly cleaned area on steel.
An area larger than the weld area should be cleaned down
to bright clean metal.
Moisture or contaminant on cable
Pre-heat conductors with propane torch then use a
or ground rod.
clean wire brush on conductors to remove any residue
left on conductors.
Cable is improperly positioned in
Position cable in mold in accordance with directions for
mold, blocking the flow of weld metal. mold. If directions are not available, position top of cable
in the center of where the liquid weld metal hits the steel.
Weld will not stick to cast iron
All of the causes listed under
welding to steel surface also
apply to this section.
Not using CI (Cast Iron) powder.
Specify “CI” behind cartridge when ordering
powder (i.e., 25 CI).
Cable pulls out of mold when
Cables are either twisted or
Use B38-0330-00 cable clamp or other method to remove
it is fired.
under tension.
tension. Cut out severely twisted cable.