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Blue highlighted items are industry standard and most frequently ordered.
compression tap connectors are
wide range-taking; accommodate copper,
aluminum, and ACSR; are easy to install; and
are dependable and economical. They are
designed to be installed with BURNDY
“matched” hand, hydraulic, and power-driv-
en hydraulic tooling. The connector line con-
sists of C-shaped, Figure 3, Figure 6-shaped
and HYCRIMP™ tap connectors, discon-
nectable T-taps, terminals and stirrups.
The copper CRIMPIT™ is a range-taking,
reversible, C-shaped compression tap
connector for combinations of copper con-
ductors. Twelve connectors take tap combi-
nations from #10 AWG through 4/0, and all
sizes are installed with dies that also install
aluminum connectors. Sizes accommodat-
ing conductors up to No. 2 may be installed
with the MD6 and OUR840; all sizes may be
installed with the Y35 or Y750. They make
“hot” installation easy by permitting the
lineman to grip the CRIMPIT™ in the com-
pression tool and then place it on the line.
The tap is then inserted and the CRIMPIT™
is compressed. Massive C-shape forces tap
and line conductors together to form
dependable, low-cost, low-resistance con-
The CABELOK CRIMPIT™ is a range-taking,
universal and reversible, Figure 3-shaped
aluminum compression tap connector with
an adjustable spacer which separates the
conductors. It accommodates combinations
of copper, aluminum, and ACSR conductors
from No. 6 up to 4/0, and is installed with the
common O and D3 dies. The broad range
capacity of each CABELOK CRIMPIT™
reduces the number of connectors required
and simplifies connector selection.
The spacer holds the run or tap in place
permitting the lineman either to approach the
line with the connector held in the tool and
with the tap in the connector, or to assemble
the connector and tap on the line and then
bring up the tool to crimp.
Each CABELOK CRIMPIT™ is pre-filled with
PENETROX™ joint compound and individu-
ally bagged. These packages are clearly
marked with the entire conductor range of
the connector as well as pertinent tooling
information. The open side of the CABELOK
CRIMPIT™ makes “hot” installations easy by
allowing the connector to be carried to the
energized line in the crimping tool (MD6, Y35
or Y750 hot-line types).
The Figure 6-shaped aluminum compression
tap connector is one of the widest range-
taking compression tap connectors avail-
able. It accommodates copper, aluminum, or
ACSR conductors in very broad ranges. Only
four connectors are required to accommo-
date a range from No. 6 to 600 kcmil. This
broad range is made possible by the long
ram stroke of the Y35 and Y750.
HYCRIMP™ compression tap connectors
accommodate ACSR, stranded copper or
aluminum, solid copper or aluminum, and
compact conductors. Seventeen sizes are
available to accommodate all conductors
from #6 solid to 954 MCM compact. All
HYCRIMP™ connectors can be installed
with industry standard O, D, N and R dies.
Each connector is factory filled with
PENETROX™ and individually
boxed for ease of handling, identification, and
BURNDY’s disconnectable T-taps and
jumper loop splices offer an economical
approach to sectionalizing or isolating equip-
ment on energized lines. They combine the
best features of compression and mechani-
cal connectors. The pads can be easily
assembled or separated from each other
with hot-line tools.
The STIRRUP™ combines a compression
C-shaped Figure 6-shaped or H-shaped
element for the run conductor, and a factory
installed bail which accommodates a hot-line
clamp. The line element can be gripped in
the tool and carried to the line and then
Aluminum bodied compression tap
connectors are not recommended for making
copper to copper connections. Two connec-
tors are recommended when feeding a line in
both directions.