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US: 1-800-346-4175
Blue highlighted items are industry standard and most frequently ordered.
service, full-tension, and jumper
sleeves provide a dependable, economical,
and easy-to-install method of splicing over-
head transmission and distribution lines.
A major part of the Total Burndy
Compression Program, they are available for
copper, aluminum, ACSR, COPPERWELD,
ALUMOWELD, Steel, 6201, 5005, ACSR/AW,
AWA, and compressed forms for aluminum
and ACSR. Each is clearly marked with the
installation Die Index number and knurls are
provided which show the installer the correct
number of crimps and the spacing required.
Connections made with BURNDY
INSULINK™ and HYSPLICE™ sleeves have
a lower resistance than an equal length of
HYSPLICE™ sleeves are tapered or cham-
fered at the ends; externally to provide
gradual reduction of pressure on the conduc-
tor, and internally to facilitate conductor
Service Sleeve Design
Service entrance connectors are available
insulated (INSULINK™) or uninsulated
(LINKIT™). Both are installed with the one-
hand OH25 and OUR840 HYTOOL™ or the
MD6 HYTOOL™. The INSULINK™ feature
polyethylene caps which seal out dirt and
moisture, and grip the cable insulation leav-
ing both hands free for crimping. The alu-
minum insert is anchored to the Nylon jacket
so that it will not move when crimped, ensur-
ing that the insert is always under the die.
The jacket is color coded for easy identifica-
tion of conductor size.
The aluminum LINKIT™ minimizes the
effects of galvanic corrosion. It is designed
for easy location of crimps, and is color
The service HYSPLICE™ connectors are
partial-tension sleeves for splicing the neu-
tral conductor of triplex service. They are
installed with MD6, OUR840 and the OH25
HYTOOL™ on aluminum and ACSR conduc-
tors from 6 to 1/0.
Copper HYSPLICE™ Sleeve Design
Full-tension holding strength and high con-
ductivity of BURNDY
copper HYSPLICE™
sleeves are accomplished through the
combined action of correct contact length,
proper number of circular crimps of precise-
ly controlled depth that perform a current
carrying and keying function between the
conductor and the sleeve.
Aluminum HYSPLICE™ Sleeve Design
HYSPLICE™ sleeves for aluminum conduc-
tor not only satisfy the basic tension require-
ments, but also deal with the problems of
“cold flow” of aluminum and the oxide film
which forms on the strands. “Cold flow” is
compensated for by carefully coordinating
the design of the sleeve and its associated
installation die. To offset the effects of the
non-conductive oxide film present on the
surfaces of aluminum cable, BURNDY
HYSPLICE™ sleeves are pre-filled with
PENETROX™ joint compound and capped
or stripsealed. A solid center barrier forces
the PENETROX™ around the cable strands
during insertion.
ACSR HYSPLICE™ Sleeve Design
Two-piece, Full-tension HYSPLICE™
Two-piece, full-tension HYSPLICE™ for
ACSR consists of an inner steel sleeve for
joining the steel core, and an outer aluminum
sleeve for connecting the aluminum strands.
To install the two-piece HYSPLICE™, the
cable is cut, the aluminum sleeve slid onto
the cable, aluminum strands cut back and
the steel sleeve installed. The aluminum
sleeve is then centered over the steel sleeve,
PENETROX™ joint compound injected
(PENETROX™ is brushed on cable prior to
centering aluminum sleeve on smaller sizes),
and the sleeve is crimped.
Single-sleeve, Full-tension UNISPLICE™
The UNISPLICE™ is as easy to install as alu-
minum full-tension sleeves. The single, heavy
walled aluminum sleeve is filled with a spe-
cial inhibiting compound containing grit par-
ticles which key the steel strand in place. The
UNISPLICE™ eliminates cutting back of
aluminum strands, the need for a separate
steel sleeve, and careful positioning of the
aluminum outer sleeve before crimping.
Since the standard pull-out tests are
inadequate for evaluating UNISPLICE™
performance, BURNDY
has developed the
sustained- tension test that subjects a
connector-conductor assembly to a 168 hour
sustained load equal to 90% of the conduc-
tor strength. This test simulates a service life
of 30-40 years at 60% of the conductor
Jumper Sleeves
Since the holding strength required for
jumper sleeves is less than that required for
full-tension sleeves, the jumper HYSPLICE™
sleeve is shorter. Aluminum, ACSR, sleeves
are pre-filled with PENETROX™ joint
compound and installed with the same tools
and dies as the full-tension sleeves.