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US: 1-800-346-4175
Canada: 1-800-387-6487
Blue highlighted items are industry standard and most frequently ordered.
, a leading manufacturer of quality
electrical connectors for over 70 years, intro-
duces the WEJTAP™ SYSTEM, a system
that adds further dimension to the existing
group of proven, reliable connec-
tion systems.
are designed to
provide a reliable system connection. The
system consists of WEJTAP™ connectors,
installation tools (including a variety of hot-
line and lineman accessories) and a unique
use an alu-
minum alloy wedge that is power-driven
between the run and the tap cables locking
them into a “C” shaped tempered aluminum
alloy spring-body. The spring-body main-
tains consistent pressure throughout the life
of the connection to ensure reliability during
severe electrical and climatic conditions. The
wedge’s wiping action combined with facto-
ry installed PENTX 1530 provides superior
contact integrity. The wedge is automatically
locked onto the spring-body by a skiving
action produced by a lance at the forward
end of the WEJTAP™ installation tool.
is a one-piece
assembly that consists of a head and power
unit. Two color-coded interchangeable heads
accept all WEJTAP™ connectors and STIR-
RUP™. The design of the tool recognizes the
need for simplicity and speed of operation as
well as outstanding safety features such as
automatic gas release vented away from the
operator, fast simple breech loading and fast
advance when engaging the connector
assembly. No loose parts to drop or misplace
and a booster ejection system that provides
further safety to the operator. Fewer simpli-
fied hotline devices and handy lineman
accessories complete an outstanding tool
Patented is a self-contained device that
provides the force necessary to drive the
wedge into direct contact with the conduc-
tors. The booster is activated only when
properly positioned in the tool assembly. A
power cell in the booster is recessed to
guard against premature discharge. The
tool/booster system is designed to activate
and deactivate the booster automatically
should the operator decide to remove the
tool from a connector prior to completing the
installation. The deactivated booster may be
safely removed from the tool.
Features and Benefits
• Large conductor chamfer on ends
of wedge.
Instant hand or visual identification of
large run grooves. Ensures correct
wedge orientation.
• Color-coded WEJTAP™ connector
and booster packaged together.
Easy selection by installer.
• Factory coated grooves with PENTX 1530.
Maintains low contact resistance,
assists in protection against climatic
conditions and is compatible with
common insulations.
• One-piece tool.
No project delays due to dropped or
lost parts.
• Fewer and improved hotstick accessories
Simplifies hotline installation and
saves time.
• Contained booster ejection system.
Safe for operator guards against the
booster being ejected in direction of
the installer.
• Automatic gas release vented away
from operator.
Eliminates manual gas venting and
improves safety.
• Simplified loading.
Speeds installation––no threads––just
depress safety bar, twist and pull
open––load––push and twist to close
prior to applying connector.
• Acme-type threads.
Provides smooth, fast engagement of
tool and connector-saves installer’s time.