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Canada: 1-800-387-6487
US: 1-800-346-4175
Blue highlighted items are industry standard and most frequently ordered.
WEJTAP™ connectors have been subjected
to extensive tests simulating the most severe
service and weather conditions. In addition.
the WEJTAP™ system meets or exceeds the
industry standards of ANSI C119.4 Class 3,
NEMA CC3 1973 Class AA, 500 Heat Cycles.
As with all BURNDY
connectors, the WEJ-
TAP™ has been designed to operate cooler
than the attached conductors. The WEJ-
TAP™ connectors have also been subjected
to the ASTM B117-73 Salt Spray Test. The
results are shown to the right.
C-member bodies are color-coded and the
wedges are marked with nominal conductor
run and tap ranges. WEJTAP™ connector
packages are labeled with a variety of com-
mon conductors with their nominal ranges.
WEJTAP™ connector wedges are marked
with nominal ACSR, Aluminum and
Copper concentric standard conductors.
Red WEJTAP™ connector range Run 8-
1/0 Tap 8-2
Blue WEJTAP™ connector range Run
2-300 Tap 6-300
Yellow WEJTAP™ connector range Run
266.8-1590 Tap 6-1590
All WEJTAP™ wedges contain a clearly
defined chamfer on the large end of the run
conductor groove to identify the “large run”
groove. Installers will appreciate the conven-
ience of visual or hand identification for
correct wedge positioning.
WEJTAP™ wedges are driven between the
run and tap conductors and activate the
spring characteristics of the “C” shaped
body. This action maintains contact pressure
even when the connection is subjected to
severe climatic and electrical conditions.
ANSI C119.4 - 1986 Heat Cycle Test
Average Temperature Rise vs. Current Cycles
Temperature Rise (Deg. C.)
Relative Resistance (Percent)
Detailed test report packages are available upon request.
ASTM Salt Spray Test
Average % Relative Resistance vs. Hours of Salt Spray Exposure
RUS Accepted