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MOLE™ and MOLE™ Accessories
MOLE™ is a multi-cable
connector that consists of a pre-insulated
copper bus bar with threaded outlets that
permit a minimum of two cables to be con-
nected by means of a socket, nut, and cone
assembly (Illustration A). The clamping action
of the socket, nut and cone assembly on the
cable develops high contact pressures that
maintain joint conductivities greater than
100% of the continuous conductor. A com-
pression socket that is threaded into the
MOLE™ insert is also available. The MOLE™
design affords exceptional versatility in four
1. MOLE™ outlets can be plugged-off until
needed for the addition of cables.
2. Installed cables can be easily removed.
3. Cable sizes can be increased by chang-
ing the socket, nut and cone assembly.
4. The number of outlets may be increased
by joining MOLE™ connectors with a
MOLE™ coupler.
The copper bus bar insert is encased in a
molded insulating jacket that eliminates
crotch taping. The thickness of the jacket
prevents any possibility of the insert weight
to cause the insulation at the supports to
flow away at the high temperatures of fault
MOLE™ connectors are rated at 1500, 2000,
2500, and 3000 amperes, based on the max-
imum current the insert cross-section can
carry. Each outlet can carry the full rated
current of the cable connected to it.
To avoid exceeding the insert rating, the
cables should be arranged in such a manner
that most current flows directly across the
insert. (See Illustration B)
Cables are connected to the MOLE™ by
means of a socket, nut and compression
cone assembly. The socket is threaded into
the MOLE™ insert. The stripped cable end is
inserted into nut and compression cone, and
then into the socket where it is securely
clamped by tightening the nut. The joint is
then sealed watertight in one of three ways:
• Taping;
• MOLE™ Outlet Insulating Sleeves,
sealed with a minimum of taping;
• or NOTAPE™ MOLE™ Sleeve, sealed to
the cable and mole insulation by two
non-corrosive hose clamps.
Tests under flooding and other adverse
conditions demonstrate that such joints are
impervious to water.
Illustration B
Illustration A
A socket, cone and nut assembly is screwed
into each MOLE™ outlet to which a cable is
to be connected. The socket has a tapered
recess into which the clamping nut forces the
cable and the compression cone. The cone
is slotted to controlled widths and depths for
maximum flexibility, and its inside surface is
serrated for low contact resistance and high
pullout strength.
A compression socket is available that
threads directly into the MOLE™ outlet and
provides a compression sleeve for connect-
ing the cable with HYPRESS™ tools.
Plugs seal MOLE™ outlets not in use. The
MOLE™ is delivered with one-fourth of its
outlets sealed with plugs. Additional plugs
may be ordered.
MOLE™ couplers facilitate system expan-
sion by joining additional MOLE™ con-
nectors to those already installed. Couplers
are easily installed in end or side outlets of
the MOLE™, and make connections that are
effective both electrically and mechanically.
Blue highlighted items are industry standard and most frequently ordered.
Canada: 1-800-387-6487
US: 1-800-346-4175