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One of the most economical devices for con-
necting several cables to a common junction
point is the HYCRAB™, which is essentially a
bus bar with a number of compression-type
connector outlets, pre-insulated to eliminate
taping. Like the MOLE™, the HYCRAB™ fits
into a limited space, is simple to rack, and
facilitates adding future cables.
Insert and Insulation
Having an insert similar to that of the
MOLE™, the HYCRAB™ has connector out-
lets of the BURNDY
HYDENT™ compres-
sion type. These tubular elements are indent-
ed to the cable by BURNDY
installation tools and dies, designed to com-
press connector and cable together with
indents of controlled depth. HYDENT™ com-
pression connections are made quickly and
easily, have relative conductivities of 100% or
higher, are electrically stable, and mechani-
cally secure.
The HYCRAB™ is insulated by a jacket of
molded rubber to resist prolonged exposure
to oil or other contaminants.
Insulation fingers are rolled back to expose
the tubular outlets, sufficiently spaced to
allow for the convenient operation of
HYPRESS™ compression tools.
Cable ends are inserted into the outlets. Each
is crimped with one or two indents, and the
fingers are rolled forward again to cover the
outlets. Installation is completed by taping
the short space between the tip of the finger
and the cable insulation.
Variatons and Accessories
Uninsulated HYCRAB™ connectors for join-
ing bare neutral cables are available in the
same range of sizes and number of outlets as
the insulated HYCRAB™. By using reducing
adapters the HYCRAB™ can accommodate
service wires as small as #6, in addition to the
4/0 or 500 kcmil cable sizes for which these
connectors are ordinarily used.
Blue highlighted items are industry standard and most frequently ordered.
US: 1-800-346-4175
Canada: 1-800-387-6487