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electrical connectors are
designed to be installed with a minimum of
effort, to run cooler than the conductors
being joined and to provide optimum per-
formance under all operating conditions.
To achieve this type of performance, exten-
sive research and development time is spent
engineers and scientists to
improve manufacturing techniques, materials
and designs. As these improvements become
available, they are incorporated into both
existing and new product lines. This continu-
ous program of product innovation and
improvement insures that, as new and more
critical applications evolve, high quality con-
nectors from BURNDY
will be available to
meet the need.
Flat pad connectors used to join cable or
tubing terminals to equipment studs.
A variety of bus supports are also available
for tube or cable. Some can be adjusted for
either a rigid or slide-fit by rotating the
clamping cap 180°.
Expansion connectors are used to absorb
the stress imposed on the bus by settling
ground, thermal expansion and shocks, as in
circuit breaker operations. The flexible ele-
ments are flat-tinned, copper braid, with suf-
ficient cross sectional area to carry the rated
current of the conductors being joined.
N-Line connectors are two-piece copper
alloy castings assembled with DURIUM™
(silicon bronze) hex bolts, nuts and washers.
They are available for connecting tube or
The Variline incorporates a modified V-bolt as
the clamping element for heavy-duty appli-
cations. This line is particularly suited for use
with flexible and extra flexible cables.
Blue highlighted items are industry standard and most frequently ordered.
US: 1-800-346-4175
Canada: 1-800-387-6487
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