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US: 1-800-346-4175
Canada: 1-800-387-6487
Blue highlighted items are industry standard and most frequently ordered.
BURNDYs total compression program offers
the most complete line of installation tools,
mechanical, full cycle ratchet, self contained
hydraulic, remote controlled hydraulic, power
actuated pumps, hoses and accessories,
available to the electrical industry. These tools
have been designed to integrate with the com-
plete line of BURNDY
compression connec-
tors. Whether you’re a small contractor work-
ing with #22 wire or a large utility working with
2500 kcmil conductor, there’s a BURNDY
compression tool available to do the job.
The benefits of compression are many, how-
ever, probably the most significant benefit is
reliability. There’s nothing more important to
the electrical industry today than reliability. It
represents the one area that leads to econom-
ical installations that will endure for the life of
the installation.
An important element of the BURNDY
pression program is the Tool Center, 150
Burndy Road, Littleton, NH 03561 (800-426-
8720). This center provides advice and infor-
mation on the operation, maintenance and
repair of BURNDY
tools. The repair center is
staffed with specialized technicians who pro-
vide the best possible tool repair service, for all
tools, pumps and accessories.
We designed and produced the first self
contained hydraulic compression electrical
connector installation tool in 1934. In our con-
tinuing efforts to provide the highest quality
and highest value connection systems, we
offer the current BURNDY
tool policy.
The full line of BURNDY
tools are warranted
to be free of defects in materials and work-
manship for a period of five (5) years from the
date of shipment. If inspection by a certified
tool technician shows the trouble is caused
by defective workmanship or material,
will repair (or at our option),
replace the tool.
This Warranty does not apply where:
• Repairs or alterations have been made
or attempted by others.
• Repairs are required because of normal
wear and tear.
• The tool has been abused, misused or
improperly maintained.
• The use of any non-BURNDY
ucts has resulted in damage to the tool.
warrants that the goods and serv-
ices stated on the face hereof, when fur-
nished to Buyer by BURNDY
, conform with
BURNDY’s current written specifications and
drawings (or with those of the Buyer specifi-
cally accepted by BURNDY
in writing), and
will be free of defects in materials and work-
manship. BURNDY’s sole obligation (and
Buyer’s sole and exclusive remedy) for any
breach of warranty under the foregoing war-
ranty shall be to repair (at location designat-
ed by BURNDY
) or, at BURNDY’s option: To
replace FOB the original point of delivery any
goods which are non-conforming or defec-
tive and are so specified by buyer in a written
certified mail notice to an officer of
within the applicable warranty
period. BURNDY
expressly disclaims any
and all express or implied warranties other
than the warranty of its title to goods and the
warranty hereinabove set forth. Such dis-
claimer includes, without limitation, warranty
of fitness for a particular purpose and war-
ranty of merchantable quality.
Limitation of Liability
will not,
under any circumstances, be liable for the
cost of removal or reinstallation of goods or
the cost of disassembly or reassembly of
equipment in connection therewith, or for
loss of the use of Buyer’s equipment or facil-
ities, or for loss of business or good will or
profits, or for cost of inspection or storage, or
for any incidental or consequential damages
of any nature or description whatever which
may arise from BURNDY’s sale of goods to
All non-warranty repaired tools are complete-
ly reconditioned and receive a limited 1-year
warranty. Non-warranty repair returns tools
to like new condition at a maximum cost of
40% of a new tool. A nominal service charge
of $5.00 is applied to all repairs to cover
shop supplies, oil disposal and other miscel-
laneous services not covered as part of the
standard repair.
If the decision is made not to repair, a han-
dling charge of $25.00 will be applied plus
return freight costs.
All tools sent to the Burndy Tool Center or an
authorized repair center must be accompa-
nied by a purchase order with detailed bill to
and ship to address authorizing repair.
Requests for repair charges before work is
done must be stated on the purchase order.
All tools sent to the Burndy Tool Center or an
authorized repair center as a warranty claim
must be accompanied by a proof of pur-
chase such as a BURNDY
invoice or invoice
from any BURNDY
All tools must be shipped at the owner’s
expense, prepaid. BURNDY
pays for the
return freight, same surface freight as
received. Airfreight returns will be returned
same way collect for non-warranty repair and
prepaid for warranty repairs.
This warranty and repair policy supercedes
all previous policies and is in effect January
1, 2005.