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the aluminum conductor should be cleaned
by means such as scratch brushing, and
immediately coated with the connector
To simplify the application of the compound,
and to assure its use, almost all BURNDY
aluminum connectors, except the large
clamp type substation connectors, are sup-
plied factory filled with PENETROX com-
pound. For the tubular compression connec-
tors, the tubular barrels are sufficiently filled
with PENETROX and capped. For other
types, the contact grooves are filled with
PENETROX and enclosed in plastic packag-
ing in a process called “Stripsealing”.
Clamp vs. Compression:
In general, a
compression connection can be expected to
be more corrosion resistant than a clamp
connection. The high pressures applied in a
compression connector more effectively seal
the contact against the penetration of mois-
ture. The tubular sleeve of a compression
connector has no side openings such as
exist in clamp connectors between the
clamping members. On the other hand, the
clamp connector can be made more corro-
sion resistant if the conductor grooves con-
form more closely with the conductor con-
tour. Thus a clamp connector made to
accommodate a wide range of conductor
sizes cannot be expected to be as corrosion
resistant as one designed for one specific
conductor size. Nevertheless, the differences
in effectiveness of various designs can be
minimized if a good contact compound is
Fig. 5
Negligible Corrosion of Severe Salt Spray on
Compression Connector Joining Aluminum
to Copper.
Large Aluminum Bolted Connector Joining
Copper Run to Aluminum Tap After Severe
Salt Spray Test.
Fig. 6
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