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SX Series Full-Range Current-Limiting Fuses
Power & High Voltage —
& Hi-Tech
Fuse Products
Provides both overload and fault current protection
for distribution equipment in a single fuse body.
SX Full-Range Current-Limiting Fuse
As a full-range fuse, this fuse is capable of interrupting any continuous
current between the minimum current that can cause melting of its elements
and its rated maximum interrupting current (50,000 amps). The fuses are
capable of interrupting in elevated ambient temperatures up to their rated
maximum application temperature, which is 140° C and 71° C for the
2.2-inch and 3.3-inch diameter designs, respectively.
The Trans-Guard
SX fuse is hermetically sealed and thus discharges no
gases during fuse operation. An additional design distinction is its patented
damage sensor that significantly reduces the potential for fuse failure in the
event of element-damaging current surges.
SX fuses are specifically designed to be installed in wet-well
fuse holders for oil-filled padmounted switchgear and transformer applications
(only 2.2-inch diameter designs are suitable for wet-well fuses holders
mounted directly in transformers).
SX fuses are NOT designed for
any type of live switching operation.
Patented damage sensor significantly reduces the risk
of fuse failure should the fuse be subjected to an element
damaging current surge
Hermetically sealed construction ensures that no gases
escape from the fuse during current interruption.
All Trans-Guard
SX fuses are helium mass spectrometer
leak tested to ensure sealing system integrity
Rugged machined brass end caps provide greater ferrule
strength, resulting in less distortion and more secure
fuse attachment in wet-well fuse holders
Tested in accordance with the most recent
ANSI/IEEE standards