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Technical Services
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EX Series Full-Range Current-Limiting Fuses
Power & High Voltage —
& Hi-Tech
Fuse Products
Lowest total I
t let-throughs in the industry provide
maximum protection for banks by minimizing energy
let-through during a fault
Higher melt I
t’s make fuses less susceptible to damaging
current surges
Hermetically sealed design produces no expulsion products
or noise during operation and has no flying parts, making it
easy to mount the fuse in confined areas
Blown fuse indicator makes it easy to see when a fuse has
operated, helping to locate failed capacitor banks
Patented damage sensor significantly reduces the potential
for fuse failure in the event an element damaging current
surge occurs
Rigorous testing to meet ANSI/IEEE standards, including
100% physical inspection, resistance measurement and
helium mass spectrometer leak testing
High fault current interrupting capability — 50,000
amperes symmetrical
The Trans-Guard
EX full-range current-limiting
capacitor fuse provides both low and high current
fault protection in a single, compact fuse body.
EX Full-Range
Current-Limiting Capacitor Fuses
Outdoor Use
Indoor Use