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PCJ Cable Joints
PCJ™ Power Cable Joints utilize per-
manently crimped connectors. PCJ
Housings are fully i sulated, shielded
and sealed for direct buried, vault,
submersible and other severe service
applications. Units have been
designed and tested per IEEE
Standard 404 to assure system
matched performance and ratings
equal to the cable to which the splice
will be installed.
PCJ Power Cable Joints are available
in 2 styles:
Style 1 uses a single piece housing
that is sized to accommodate a spe-
cific range of cable. Style 1 units are
ideally suited for straight splicing of
the same or similar cable.
Style 2 designs incorporate a uni-
versal housing with separate cable
adapters to allow transition splices of
different types and sizes of cable.
The follow ratings summary is based on
EEE Std. 0
and applies to
all Elastimold PCJ Power Cable Joints.
. 15kV Class (8.7kV Phase-to-Ground)
25kV Class (14.4kV Phase-to-Ground)
35kV Class (20.2kV Phase-to-Ground)
• mpulse Withstand:
A=110kV, B=150kV, C=200kV BIL,1.2 x 50
microsecond wave.
Corona Extinction Voltage:
A=13kV, B=22kV, C=30kV
minimum, 3pC sensitivity.
• DC Withstand:
During installation: A=56kV, B=80kV, C=100kV
• DC Withstand:
After installation and in service for the first 5 years:
A=18kV, B=25kV, C=31kV for XLPE Insulated Cables
and A=45kV, B=64kV, C=80kV for EPR Insulated Cables.
(Reference AEIC CS6 and CS8, Section L.2.)
Continuous rating equal to the rating of the cable.
Short-Time rating equal to the rating of the cable up to 35kA.
Meets IEEE standard 592 for Exposed Semiconducting Shields
on Premolded High Voltage Cable Joints and Separable
Insulated Connectors.
Production tests include 100% tests of the
premolded joints to assure:
Corona Extinction Voltage:
A=13kV, B=22kV, C=30kV
minimum, 3pC sensitivity.
AC Withstand
: A=35kV, B=52kV, C=69kV, 60 Hz, 1 minute.
Design tests on production joints demonstrate
compliance with IEEE 404 including:
Corona Extinction Voltage:
A=13.0kV, B=22.0kV, C=30.0kV
minimum, 3pC sensitivity.
AC Withstand
: A=35kV, B=52kV, C=69kV, 60 Hz 1 minute.
DC Withstand
: A=70kV, B=100kV, C=125kV negative polarity,
15 minutes.
mpulse Withstand (B L):
A=110kV, B=150kV, C=200kV,
10 positive and 10 negative, 1.2 x 50 microsecond wave, at
conductor temperatures of 20º and 130ºC, nominal.
Short-Time Current:
magnitude equal to cable up to 35kA.
Cyclic Aging:
30 days at: A=26.1kV, B=43.2kV, C=60.6kV AC
continuous, load current for 8 hours per day, providing 130º
conductor temperature. Joints then subjected to: A=31kV,
B=50kV, C=71kV for 5 hours followed by: A=39kV, B=65kV,
C=91kV for
5 min.
Load Cycle:
Connectors meet requir ments of ANSI C119.4,
Class A and Class 3 ratings.
PCJ Cable Joints