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How to Specify Size-Sensitive Products
Determines Crimp Connector Size
Determines Required
Accessories (if any)
• Cable Shield Adaptors
• Cable Grounding Kits
• Cable Jacket Seal
eference Pages 28 & 29
for application, selection and
ordering information.
Conn or S ion G i
Elastimold elbows, cable joints and terminations are fur-
nished with crimp style cable connectors. As standard, these
connectors are constructed with a tin-plated aluminum barrel
filled with an oxide inhibitor. Most aluminum barrel connec-
tors are universal and are designed for use on either alumi-
num or copper conductor cable.
When specified, all copper crimp style connectors can be fur-
nished. These connectors are
y for use on copper conduc-
tor cable and are not for use with aluminum conductor cables.
Bi-metallic connectors are constructed with a copper top and an
aluminum barrel. Bi-metal connectors can be used on either alu-
minum or copper conductor cable and are furnished as standard
with 200 Amp Loadbreak Elbows, 200 Amp Deadbreak Elbows,
and PCT, 16 THG or MTG terminators with rod connectors.
Aluminum connectors used in PCJ Cable Joints are rated as follows:
• Aluminum conductor to aluminum conductor, cable rated
• Aluminum conductor to copper conductor, cable rated
equal to the aluminum cable
Copper connectors used in PCJ Cable Joints are rated as follows:
• Copper conductor to copper conductor, cable rated
Selection and ordering the proper crimp connector requires
determining information relative to the cable conductor as
A. Conductor size in AWG or kcmil
B. Conductor type (stranded, compressed, compact or solid)
C. Conductor material (aluminum or copper)
After the cable conductor information has been determined:
1. Locate the X table indicated in the part number selection
2. Complete the ordering information by selecting and insert-
ing the symbol (given in the X table) into the part number.
See the Ordering Example on page 32 for further information.